Holding Each Other’s Hand..!!



It was a cold night. The clock on the wall blared in red 21/12/2017 1:00 AM. Raghav was busy in his room working on his project for which he had lost his health, friends and everything for the past two years. He had moved to Chandigarh after completing his post graduation in Patiala. He had been great at his studies and was equally sincere and hard-working toward his career.

His cellphone beeped. The screen displayed.

Shreya: Hi.. R u dere ???

Raghav heaved a sigh and lied down staring blankly towards the white ceiling.


Few years ago..

He had met Shreya on the first day of his college. She was his classmate. She was a simple girl who loved to wear her salwar kameez regularly to the college. Her father used to drop her to college onto his LML Vespa Scooter. Everyone noticed the hop in her walk as she entered the college campus. She used to smile at everyone her eyes contacted. Her dimples bought smile to everyone’s face.

It was a Monday afternoon of June, 2015. Raghav had been hopping and lip syncing, with a thick book on business management clenched in his hands, Punjabi music playing in his new earphones, towards library. At the entrance, Raghav bumped into a beautiful girl dressed in a yellow salwar kameez and hair tied in a bun. The books she had been carrying in slender hands had now thrashed on the ground. Raghav immediately came to the reality and went on his knees to help her in picking up the books. One of the books was titled “Business Management by V.P. Sinha”

Raghav said “I’m so sorry. It is entirely my mistake.”

Shreya, moving her hand for a shake, replied “It’s okay. It was my fault too. I was carrying many books at a time.”

Raghav: “Let me help you. BTW, I see one of books is on BM for first year, are you studying in my course?”

Shreya: “I’m Studying in BBA, First Year and you?”

Raghav (again, moves his hand for a shake): “Me too. By the way, I’m Raghav Sanyal.”

Shreya: “and, I’m Shreya Agarwal”

The first meeting, as strangers, had turned into regular coffee outings and movie nights. They had become best-friends. Long late night calls had become a routine. Both had become partners in studying in their respective apartments and solving doubts on Whatsapp© calls. Raghav knew everything about her, from her favorite actor to her favourite ice-cream. Shreya also knew everything about him, from his favorite cricketer to his girl crushes. No day had passed by when they weren’t seen together in the library staring and smiling at each other stealing glances from the librarian.


Few Months Later…

It was a Sunday afternoon. Raghav had called Shreya to a houseful Café Coffee day nearby her apartment to discuss something important.  Shreya came hastily and sat at a familiar table where they had sat for numerous coffee dates.  Raghav wasn’t there. She found a box mentioning “SHREYA” in blue. As she opened the box, she found a note which read: 

(Though, it has been only a few months since we know each other. Each moment spent with you is and always will be precious to me. I have wished for something today. I wish to spend each remaining breath with you in my life. Will you be a part of each day I live?)

Her eyes glittered with the tears that rolled on her lashes. She closed her eyes to wipe her already wet eyes. Her eyes opened to see Raghav bending on his knees with a ring in his hand and a board defining his feeling “I Love You..!!” Shreya ran towards him and hugged him tightly and whispered in his ears “I do too..!” and both of them burst into laughter. The entire café cheered them as they blushed and enjoyed their coffees.


Few Months Later…

It had been two years since the proposal. The movie and coffee dates, long night calls, long rides to secluded places have kept the romances alive. They both love each other madly and deeply. Raghav still provides Shreya a shoulder when she cries. He still brings chocolates when Shreya is handling her mood swings during her periods. Shreya still lets her fingers get lost in his hairs when he feels lost. She lets out a hug each time he needs her for a push of confidence.

Soon the college got over. Shreya got placed in Procter and Gamble© as a Regional Sales Officer at Mumbai and Raghav was designated as a Chief Marketing Officer in Paytm© at Chandigarh. Distance of 1,600 kilometers hadn’t separated them. Skype©, Whatsapp© and Facebook© had made their life easier. However, they missed each other on birthdays and anniversaries or something that made them nostalgic about the times they had spent together.

It had been two years since they got placed. Both have been doing excellent in their careers making their respective families proud of them. But, the relationship which they have kept alive for so long had seemed to have been broken. Calls have reduced to knowing about each others’ day. Birthdays and anniversaries were no longer celebrated and laughed upon. Arguments and fights have replaced those romantic kisses through the phones. Both smiled only to please people near them. Shreya cried herself to sleep and Raghav had been working, smoking and drinking to avoid picturing her. Soon they broke up.



He jumped from his bed and sat on the recliner in the balcony. He called the number from which he received the message. A familiar stranger was crying and she replied to the call…

Shreya: “Hello…Is this Raghav? ”

Raghav: “Hello Shreya…!!”

That call lasted till they both saw the sun rise.


Few Months Later…

She was dressed in a red and gold Lehenga and he was walking beside her. Everyone blessed the couple as they entered the reception hall holding each others’ hand. Shreya twirled on the dance floor as Raghav held her waist and kissed her cheeks. She blushed and both smiled. They were happy and together.

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      1. Well, it works like that for everyone if you give the make and the model, the colour etc. It creates a very exact picture. I just pointed it out because it’s something writers are advised not to do. It dates your writing very quickly.


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