The title in itself might incite many emotions in you. In some, it may bring upon the emotion of a companion which we look up to or to some, it may just be like any other word. To some, it may be a source of power or belief or to some, it may be the solution to all your problems.


The world has fighting since ages to prove the superiority of the God, they believe in. Riots and massacres have been constantly headlined by the news channels since their existence. People have been cut, hung, murdered, smashed, and crushed in the name of religion. But do we really understand the true meaning and relevance of God. Do we really follow the religion the way we are supposed to and do we follow the religion the way it is used by some self-regarding people to hide under its umbrella for their personal gains.


I may not be the right person to tell you how every religion on this planet came into existence or the purpose(s) of each religion. But, in my twenty four years of living and breathing in a religious family and a rat-racing world, I’ve come to understand the relevance of religion in my life. You may agree with what I have written or you may disagree, it is just one man’s opinion.


In India and many parts of the world (may be), Religion is followed by an individual, which is tutored to him by the people that surround him since his birth. Religion is forced upon us, since childhood, by creating a fear in us. Elders use superstitions and myths for creating an image of God into our heads and we follow it blindly without questioning them. We look at the idols and pictures of Gods in the temples, homes, schools and almost everywhere we go to. People have been donating and giving up things such as money, food, gold and silver jewellery and several other belongings to the one who created it and gave it to him. I am not against any religion and I’ll never be.


Every religion teaches us one common virtue i.e., humanity. In our fast and dynamic lives, we have certainly lost the soothing touch of humanity. We often choose not to help someone as we would have to take an extra step or walk an extra mile for him or her. While driving our vehicle, we often do not give way to an ambulance carrying a patient. We hate easily. We fight and lose temper at the drop of a hat. We are pleased by displaying dominance over someone. Our egos are bruised when someone gives their opinion. We yell him or her away when a starving person reaches our doorstep for food. Brothers fight for their parents’ properties. Families get separated at the slightest of argument. Jesus, Allah, Buddha and Lord Rama preached for the brotherly love among humans. We should always try to be there for someone in need. We should be there for helping someone to the extent we can. We should never let anyone go hungry from our doorstep.


FAITH and HOPE – these simple sounding words are the only reasons for which a religion is craved by an individual. Faith refers to the trust that every bad event in our lives happen for a reason. Hope refers to the expectation that every bad event in our lives will be a good event or a good learning experience at its end.  Every human being has the name of God on his lips when he is faced by a problem or a bad situation. No one understands the fact that problems will come no matter which path you choose. Problems will reach you whether you are rich or poor, young or old. The belief in us is what keeps us up to fight for every single day in our life. It is commonly said that belief is like a candle which no one can blow off. Belief is what makes us work hard at our jobs for a better future. Belief is what makes us set an alarm before sleeping at night.

Now, getting back to the title. Does God exist ?

Personally, it exists for me. I look up to him for strength during difficult times. He is my constant companion. I share my sorrows with him. He is the consequence of my actions. He is the one who provides me with enough to live a grateful life. He is the one who taught me to respect my parent and stand up to my words by incarnating as Lord Ram. She is the one who made me believe in the strengths of a woman as Goddess Durga and Kali. He is the one who enlightened me with the path of sacrifice and humanity by being Buddha.


I believe in the fact that my parents are the real life Gods marking their presence in my life. They have provided me enough food to sleep with filled stomach, a roof to sleep under it on a comfortable bed, an education that half the world only dreams of and everything that only few of us can possess. My parents have also taught me the value that a family holds in our life. My parents have prepared me to walk through difficult times without getting defeated and to learn from my mistakes.


So, God does exist. It exists in you, your parents, your driver, the beggar you walked right by on the street, your maid with whom you just misbehaved and in everyone of us. So let’s be human to each other and then be a follower of any religion.


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