Date: 24th March, 2019

The One Who Isn’t a Friend Anymore,
Lost A Few Months Ago,

Dear Long-Lost Friend,
Well…I have no clue about how to go about this but of all the people, you should be knowing that I am neither good at making friends, let alone keeping them for years and you, my friend, have always been there for me for the last nine years. Thank You for that.

Do you remember… Those years in school, those lunchboxes, our first bikes…the ride on my bullet straight from show-room to your place, running around the town for a hidden cigarette spot, the deep-midnight conversations after a whiskey on my terrace, those cricket matches during rains, mid-night chai cravings and many other not so mentionable deeds.
It still feels like all of it had happened yesterday.

Months have gone by since we last talked to each other, three to be precise.

My Whatsapp still has your chat pinned to the top with a text “We can’t talk anymore. I hate your dramas everyday…” We did not have any conversations since then. It’s not that I haven’t tried to make amends or tried to talk to you. The glasses of our friendship were spilling with hatred and arrogance, a bit of affection couldn’t fit in. So, we parted ways and you had moved to Jaipur.

You must be wondering the WHY behind this letter. Late Saturday night, I was driving from work to home and a song played on the FM radio which happened to be your favourite song… “Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahaan… Kaha Aesa Yaraana…” and the memories flooded through the gates of the past. I stopped to have a chai and thought about us. The numerous times we had hummed n tripped on that song after our drinking session. That song still resembles an important part of me – YOU.

I agree. People change. Time changes them. The meaning of a friendship changes with time too. Is it still okay to hold on to you and our memories… those precious ones?

I won’t write a cliché but I am always there for you even when I’m not there for you.

Well, I miss you, buddy.

Yours Always,
A Friend of Yours Who Isn’t A Friend Anymore

Published by BeginningToWrite

26, just a CA trying to write his mind. ☺️☺️ Not a professional one though..

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