Date: 30th January, 2020

After three days of shopping and freaking out, the day was finally here. I was getting engaged with the love of my life, Ekta Agarwal. We were happy about being with each other but were going bananas over the number of relatives that were about be guest in the ceremony. Both sets of parents, uncles, aunts, friends and elders were to be part of the ceremony. My aunts had arrived from their houses to be guests at the ceremony.

The sun had come up marking the beginning of the special day. I couldn’t get enough sleep over the butterflies in my stomach. She was going to be mine officially for the rest of our life. I opened my sleep-deprived eyes and reached for my cell-phone. Dialed her number. She didn’t pick. She must have slept late last night preparing her face and body for the ceremony. Yesterday, I had prepared my face with a ‘face clean up’ and returned from the salon.

The house was in complete disarray. All my family members were awake the entire night packing gifts and carrying out chores for the ceremony. I got ready. Had a longer bath than I have on Sundays. I had applied Facewash and every other cream, that was on my mother’s dressing table, that could bring glow in my sleepy face. I clothed myself in blue shirt, black blazer with indigo checks and black trousers which Ekta and Neha (my best friend) had helped me choose. I walked up to my mother to get her opinion on my appearance. “You look nice.” She said. I went in my room, sat on the bed and kept fidgeting with my phone scrolling from on app to another, waiting for all others to get dressed. I was getting nervous and not being able to talk to her did increase its levels.

At 11: 45 A.M, we got a call from the priest “The ceremony is supposed to happened at 1: 10 P.M and after that it won’t be good to continue.” My grandfather informed others and everyone speed up their dressing. I was late so I informed Neha, Sushma and Jini to collect cake on my behalf and they were too sweet to agree for it.

At 12: 10 P.M., my aunt informed me “Ekta has just begun doing her make up and hair and it will take up to an hour to get ready.” I got worried.

My relatives, family and I reached the banquet hall at 12: 25 P.M. At the door, I was greeted by her father and brother in law, who welcomed me in. I touched their feet and moved to a chair in the last row and sat between her brother, Tarun, and Vasu, My oldest friend. The hall was decorated with white and red balloons with chairs placed for guests on either side of the couch (which was for me and Ekta). On the right corner, was the buffet table and on the left corner, was the music system playing instrumental Bollywood songs. I knew Ekta was not present in the hall but my eyes kept searching for her.

Minutes later, she was at the door. My eyes were stuck on her. Her sister on her right and her father was on her left as she walked towards the couch. She was dressed in mint and sapphire coloured lehenga with aqua colour bangles in her arms. Cherry coloured lipstick on her lips made her smile precious. She looked like the moon on a starry cloudy night. I was lost in gazing at her as it sat beside her.

Her Hands.. ❤️

The priest sat on a chair in front of us and set in motion the ceremony which lasted for about 20 minutes. We were made to repeat unpronounceable Sanskrit words and she was doing better at it than me.

The Ceremony taking place..

We were made to wear rose garlands by my aunt and brother.

Soon, we were smiling for picture with our relatives, family and friends. We did receive a lot of gifts, though.  I was tired. My neck ached with the weight of the garland.  Vasu, being the sweet guy that he is, fed me with his hands.

Everyone was busy with their food and we were busy in chit-chatting with each other. We were brought food by our friends and I got busy in feeding Ekta with my hands, which had become a habit during our five-year dating period, ignoring the guests. Soon, the feeding session was interrupted by my family members by signalling towards my grandfather and other elders. We listened to them and began eating with our own hands. We had a bite or two and we weren’t hungry anymore.

Our Smiles..

After few minutes, we bid byes to guests. Ekta and me went to my grandfather and sat beside him. I was feeling a bit shy but she started talking to him. I was happy and amazed to see that.

My Grandparents.. 💞

After an hour, I was lying in my bed talking to her about the ceremony. It was 1: 00 A.M. when we finally slept off.


After the Ceremony..!!

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  1. That was a amazing moment fr us too. May u both stay happy forever ….and togetherness last till the last breath….love u both❤️ N waiting fr the final day ahead🥳


  2. I lived the entire day with you expressing it so precisely and beautifully, without being physically present there. Congratulations to you brother. Stay blessed.


  3. Congratulations di n jiju🎉🎉..the post is really amazing 🤗🤗 the colourful and sweet memories of urs❤️❤️


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